How to Support Intersex People on Intersex Awareness Day — And Every Day

“Intersex Awareness Day is October 26. Here's how to show up for the intersex rights movement, including IAD actions from 10/25-10/27.

October 26 is Intersex Awareness Day. Intersex people have always existed, but it wasn’t until the mid 20th century that U.S. medical practitioners began paying a particular kind of attention to our natural sex differences. Since the 1950s, intersex people have been the targets of nonconsensual medical interventions in attempts to fit our bodies into a false sex binary. The first time intersex people took a stance and demonstrated publicly against our medicalization was on October 26, 1996 in Boston. We celebrate that act of courage annually on Intersex Awareness Day, and on every other day of the year…” – via Them