Church Clarity Scores Top 20 Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) Artists in 2018

“‘How do I know where the Christian musicians I listen to stand on LGBTQ people in the church?’

This is one of the most common questions we receive. Inspired by some recent events (cough, Bethel), we decided to pull together a list of 20 artists from Billboard’s Top (Contemporary) Christian Artists from 2018 and list all the evidence we could find on their policy positions. We have contacted each artist to give them a chance to “clear the record,” and so far none have responded in time for the publication of this informal report.

Many of the artists are on staff at churches, and so in this report we provide the standard Church Clarity scores of the churches that employ them. But for artists who aren’t directly affiliated with a church, we will simply provide online evidence as to where they stand, if we can find any. We are not scoring each artist for how ‘clear’ they are because, as of now, we do not hold musicians or artists to the same standard of clarity that we hold churches. So why are we doing this…” – via Church Clarity