POM: Translations & Homosexuals with Kathy Baldock


Podcast of the Month

"Kathy Baldock is a speaker, educator, mother, and fierce advocate for LGBTQ inclusion in the Church. Her book, "Walking the Bridgeless Canyon" has walked many through the intersecting social, political, and religious history of the treatment of LGBTQ community from antiquity all the way to recent American history. Kathy's been doing a ton of research on bible translations and recently she's found some incredible information that, when this goes mainstream, might blow a lot of minds and misconceptions about how we arrived at the word usage "homosexual" in the bible. Grab some pen and paper cause you're gonna wanna take notes. ... Connect with Kathy across social media @canyonwlkr. And you can pick up her book, "Walking the Bridgeless Canyon" on Amazon and on her website, www.Canyonwalkerconnections.com."


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