Sleepthief's "Mortal Longing" Album Hits All the Ethereal Notes

Justin "Sleepthief" Elswick's new album, Mortal Longing, is his best yet, and the music industry is noticing.

Much of the mass-produced music on the radio and music streaming services today highlight what sounds like generic songs with shallow lyrics and over-the-top characters called “artists.” Then there are music artists that aren’t being pumped through major labels, who do their own thing, on their own time, their own way – such is Sleepthief.

Justin “Sleepthief” Elswick released Mortal Longing, his latest E.P. that has taken over five years (not months) to produce along side Israel Curtis.

Justin’s chiseled features and broad stature is juxtaposed by his deep, kind eyes that gleam every time he speaks about his music. “It’s really become a neat family in a lot of ways” he says during a live broadcast. By day Justin Elswick is a lawyer, but by night, a talented composer and producer for some of the most beautiful, ethereal, and sometimes “dance-y” music that defies standard musical genres. In fact, Sleepthief is a genre in its own right.

His sound isn’t easily described, but imagine if Enya and Delerium had a love child who enjoyed listening to synth pop while reading ancient mythology. It’s kind of like that.

Mortal Longing features indie talents such Phildel, Jody Quine, and Kirsty Hawkshaw whose vocals lend a sense of angelic drama kissed with mystery. Sleepthief’s latest E.P. is a deeply personal: Andromache was his very first composition from when he first began writing music, and sung in a fictional language; Big in Japan is about a friend who is dealing with drug addiction; and The Kingdom of Summer is an ode to Justin's father who recently passed away.

Soaring melodies such as Dust & Cloud are balanced by more electronic and upbeat songs such as This Means War and Asleep in Metropolis.

The music industry is taking notice. Mortal Longing climbed to number two on Billboard's New Age charts, and is also being considered for the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. 

List to the Mortal Longing playlist on @HeyBroBear’s Spotify account, or, preview below: