RuPaul Talks to Sara Cunningham About Accepting Her Gay Son and the LGBT+ Christian Community

Sara Cunningham was once homophobic, but after being educated, she now stands in at weddings of people who have been rejected by their families for being gay.

RuPaul interviews “free mom hugs” founder Sara Cunningham.

In this moving episode of the RuPaul Show, Sara Cunningham and her son sit down with RuPaul to talk about coming to terms with her faith and her son’s sexuality. When her son first came out, she admits that she didn’t take the news well and said things she now regrets.

Sara, who came from a deeply conservative religious background, feared that her son would go to hell and endure hate crimes. But it was after attending a Pride parade and seeing her son live happily that her perspective began to shift. She tells RuPaul: “I met a beautiful, spirit-filled community and I realize how sheltered I had not only kept my own learning and education about the history of human sexuality, science, evidence and testimonies from LGBTQ+ Christians – but I needed to hear from someone who shared my faith that it’s alright to search the matter out, and when you do you get educated. So I’m accountable to those things.”

Sara Cunningham began the Free Hugs movements with chapters all throughout the United States. She also stands in for mothers at weddings who refuse to attend their child’s same-sex wedding.

RuPaul’s response? “This here is what a real Christian looks like.”

Can I get an Amen up in here?