On Being Conscious and Aligned


Robert speaks to Nigerian-American social justice activist Chidimma on the Conscious and Aligned podcast.

I had the opportunity to speak with social justice activist and podcast host of Conscious and Aligned, Chidimma Ozor, who on her podcast tackles spirituality, anti-racism, diversity and a “low tolerance for bullshit”.

In this podcast episode: Disrupting the Church Narrative About Sexuality and Spirituality (Robert Van Repta Caro), we have an open dialogue on what it means to grow up closeted in a conservative religious environment, our immigrant families, and what my biggest pet peeves from conservative bigots are.

“I was introduced to Robert von Repta Caro's work through a dear of and I appreciated what he was putting forth, an in-depth look, from his lived experience, about sexuality and spirituality. When 92% of LGBT youth say they hear negative messages about being LGBT (which is who they are) from their schools, the internet, and their peers, it is no wonder these youth are more likely to die by suicide. These statistics should wake us up, especially so-called "pro-life" folks in the damn church.”

Listen below!