Kaskade Makes Christmas a Little More Chill

Hark how the bells, Sweet silver bells, All seem to say, Throw cares away
Christmas is here, Bringing good cheer, To young and old,
Meek and the bold.

Kaskade, the DJ that brought the world to his melodic dance floor a few years ago dropped his album, Christmas – and he serves it extra chill. 

Yes, there are other holiday chill remixes on the market but what sets this album apart from the rest is the quality, audio aesthetic, and messaging of his album. Aptly titled Christmas, Ryan Gary Raddon (Kaskade) embraces his faith and doesn't shy away from traditional Christmas carols such as O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Silent Night, and Oh Holy Night. Of course, he spins some non-faith-specific tunes like the winsome Winter Wonderland, and an alluring but fun Santa Baby that knocks every other version out of the park. Each track holds the base outline of the original, but with Kaskade's creative genius.

The Bottom line is, if you're looking for cool, chill, electronic holiday music, Kaskade's Christmas is the Cadillac.