Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Gets Golden Ticket on American Idol

Original photography by Spenser Grandstaff Photography

Original photography by Spenser Grandstaff Photography

Gay “PK” (Pastor’s Kid) and janitor, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, tries out for American Idol and blows the judges away.

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This past week a seemingly shy young man took to the piano to sing for the judges of American Idol Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan. His performance blew them away, not only for his voice but also for his original music.

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon is a pastor’s kid (“PK”), serves as a janitor for his church, and gay.

A few years ago he came out to his conservative family but it seemed they weren’t supportive. In American Idol’s prerecorded interview Jeremiah says, “The consensus seemed to be this is not a path I should follow,” Harmon said of his family’s attitude on his sexuality. “There are times I do feel alone. The hardest part for me is seeing how difficult it is for my family.”

I heard Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon sing at QCF (Queer Christian Conference) in Chicago, opening for Gungor. Even though the mic on American Idol did a good job, nothing compared to hearing him sing live. Once he opened his mouth the entire room stopped the chatter and went silent to the point where you could hear a pin drop. His smooth, ethereal voice permeated the air, brushed up against the hair on our arms and settled up in to our hearts.

Jeremiah performed a few of his original songs who’s rich, deep lyrics struck a cord with all of the faithful queer Christians and allies in the room. It moved the Gungors to the point where they said “I’d be happy just cancelling our show and just hearing Jeremiah sing the rest of the time.”

In addition to the fans, the queer Christian community is cheering him on with comments such as: “Thousands of Christian closeted queer kids around the country just gained a new role model” and “Your heart shined through Jeremiah!”

Thousands of Christian closeted queer kids around the country just gained a new role model

Author, pastor, and speaker Brandon Robertson wrote in a Facebook post:

When I was twelve years old, my neighbors took me to church with them. It was this big, fundamentalist baptist church in Catonsville, Maryland. I began attending, heard the Gospel, and my life was transformed. About a year later, I walked into that same sanctuary and laid eyes on an older boy I felt attracted to. That moment caused such fear and pain, because I had heard the pastor preach clearly that homosexuality was a damnable sin. I ran to the bathroom and collapsed in tears, praying for God to take this struggle from me.

God never answered that prayer...

Two years later, I was asked to leave that church for being not agreeing with their theology. I was devastated. I felt so alone. Little did I know that during that whole journey, across the same set of pews, Jeremiah was sitting struggling with his own sexuality.

Little did I know that son of one of the Pastors was going through the same pain I was going through.

Little did I know that son of one of the Pastors was going through the same pain I was going through.

Our journeys have been hard. They have cost us both a lot. But as I sat in my office as a Pastor, doing what I was told I could never do if I came out, and watched Jeremiah sing as the full person God created him to be last night in front of America, I can’t help but rejoice in the truth that God really is working to change the world and the church for the better.

And it’s brave souls like Jeremiah who God is using to do it.”

His voice and music is as heart-piercing as his story – keep your eyes on Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon.