'HALLELUJAH' – A Story of Gay Love, Hate and Religion

“‘Hallelujah’ is a circus/queer film about religion and the importance of choosing kindness regardless of our differences or beliefs.”
– Matthew Richardson

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Filmed in Montreal at the Church of Saint-Pierre-Apôtre, CircusQueer Art brings a moving story using the art of interpretive dance about the struggles of being gay, being in love, and religion. CircusQueer Art is headed by Matthew Richardson, a former member with Former Cirque Du Soleil, and hopes to “address social issues and hopefully inspire a kinder world.”

Matthew Says on his Facebook page:

“Religion is a tough subject for many in the LGBTQ community, and this piece is a reflection of the struggle and rejection we often feel. It tells the story of an individual troubled by the hate in the world and his partner who is fighting to lift him up, to remind him he is beautiful exactly how he is. My message is that religion should inspire more kindness and open arms, even towards those you may not understand.

My goal is to create art that inspires a kinder world for the queer community by challenging social norms, raising questions and starting conversations. I am creating a series of conceptual videos about gender identity, human nature, queer culture and how the world treats individuals who are “different” but exactly the same.”