20 Photos from Bucharest Pride

Image by Andreea Retinschi

Image by Andreea Retinschi

A record number marched in Romania’s Bucharest Pride this past weekend.

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This past weekend, thousands from the LGBT+ community and allies took to the street of Calea Victoriei (The way to victory) where it was estimated that about 10,000 people participated in one of the largest, if not the largest pride celebration in Romania’s history.

Romania is ranked one of the lowest (37th out of the 49 countries in the European Union) for Human Rights according to ILGA’s Rainbow Europe. Romania’s queer community continues to fight for equality as gay marriage is still illegal, and laws protecting them are few and far between. Back in October of 2018, LGBT+ organization such as MozaiQ and Asociatia Accept successfully campaigned to stop the redefinition of Romania’s constitutional language for marriage (change from “spouses” to specify “a man and a woman”); The referendum was not passed.

Progress is still being made, though not far from over. Here are 20 pictures from Bucharest Pride.